Using Blush As an Eye Shadow: A Step-by-step Tutorial

Blush is usually reserved for the cheeks. But why not take things to the next level and use it as eye shadow, too? It's a cheeky idea that's as daring as it is unexpected. Use blush – or any other light-colored powder such as highlighter – on your eyelids to add a bit of sassiness to your usual neutral eye look. This is not exactly a new technique, but it's something that not everyone knows about yet.

The best part about using blush as an eye shadow is that you can find different versions of this trend depending on your preferences. You can go for gold and copper tones for an earthy vibe, pastel pinks and blues if you want something subtle, or bold and bright purple hues if you like something intense. If you don't know how to use blush as an eye shadow, then here is a step by step by step guide to using blush as an eye shadow. Keep reading to know more.

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Here is a step by step by step guide to using blush as an eye shadow

1. Prep Your Eyebrows & Eyelids

The skin around your eyes is usually super delicate and sensitive. This is why it's best to prep it before you put on any makeup, especially powdery products like blush and highlighter. Blend some eye cream around your eye area to moisturize the skin and help it stay hydrated. Doing this also prevents creases and lines from forming. Using a brow pencil, fill in your eyebrows so they look neat and groomed.

This is particularly important if your eyebrows are darker than the blush you'll be using. If you want to be extra safe, you can also apply a bit of eye primer to your eyelids before you put on the blush. Doing this will help keep the pigments from staining your skin. Apply a foundation according to your skin tone and blend it properly.

2. Choose Your Shade of Blush

Since you're using blush as an eye shadow, you have an option to choose from almost any color. After all, blush isn't just for the cheeks! Blushing is usually a sign of attraction, and so is eye shadow. The color you choose for the eye shadow will reflect the kind of person you are and how you want people to see you.

Blush can be used on the face in many ways, so don't be surprised if you find that you can use it on your eyelids as well. This is especially true if you're choosing a blush that's light and subtle in the shade. Blushing is mostly triggered by the autonomic nervous system, which is why the color on your face is not under your control.

This is also why you can't force yourself to blush – it depends on your body's response to stimuli. The blush comes in many shades and colors so that you can be as creative as possible. You can use the powder form of it, or you can use cream blushes also. If you are going for a bold eye makeup look, then you can give a try to cream blush.

3. Blending & Shaping

This is the trickiest part when it comes to using blush as an eye shadow. When you use a blush stick or powder, you may find it difficult to blend it out. Blending blush is particularly important if you want to use it as an eye shadow, especially if you're using a powder blush. Using a blush stick is even easier, as you can swipe it across your eyelids and blend it with your fingers.

Blending the blush or highlighter out helps you get the most out of it by distributing the pigments evenly across your eyelids. Use a makeup brush to blend the eye shadow well. Blending the blush out will also make the edges fade, making it look like you have rosy-looking eyelids naturally. This also helps prevent the blush from looking too intense and obvious. So take a brush and apply a light shade of blush to your eyelids and blend it towards your brow bone. 

4. Adding Highlights with Eye Shadow

Using blush as an eye shadow is already bold enough, but you can take things up a notch by adding highlights with eye shadow. You can use a shimmery cream eye shadow or a highlighter. The best way to apply eye shadow to your eyelids is to use your fingers. You can also use a brush, but it's not as easy as when you use your fingers. Using your fingertips, apply a small amount of eye shadow to your eyelids. You can use different colors for highlighting, but keep in mind that blushes usually come in a variety of shades.

5. Using a Highlighter as an Eyeshadow

Highlighters are already dramatic, so they make great eye shadows. If you want to go bold with your eye makeup, this is the best thing to do. Blush and highlighter are often made from the same materials. If you're picking a highlighter, you can choose one that's light in color. Typically, you have to apply a highlighter on your cheekbones, nose bridge, and corners of your forehead. However, you can also use it as an eye shadow, too. This is best if you have a fair skin tone because you may notice that it will look odd if you have dark skin or tanned skin.

6. Apply Mascara and Finish with Gloss

This is where you can take your eye makeup look from subtle to sassy in a matter of seconds. You can use any mascara you like, but you should use a lengthening and curling formula that'll make your eyelashes pop. If you want a glossy finish, pick a lipstick that has a shiny finish, like a gloss or a liquid lipstick. And that's it! These are the steps you need to take to turn your blush into an eye shadow. Remember, the secret to pulling off this look is to go light and subtle. You can also experiment with other eye shadow and blush combinations. Whatever your heart desires, go for it!

What do you have to do?

Step 1: Start with moisturizing and concealing yours under the eyes. You can also use primer on your eyes. It will help to moisturize your eyes and keep your eye makeup longer than usual.

Step 2: Take an eyebrow pencil to fill your eyebrows so they look clean, neat and well groomed. Use a spoolie brush to blend eyebrows and make them look groomed. 

Step 3: Use a brush to set the hair of your eyebrows in a proper shape. 

Step 4: Apply a foundation according to your skin tone. Applying base after the primer is essential; otherwise, it will ruin your makeup by making your eye makeup oily.

Step 5: Apply a light peach or pink eye shadow on your eyelids. This shade of blush brightens your face instantly. Also, these light shades will create a natural makeup look. Use shader brush instead of blush brush to apply blush on eyelids. Or you can simply use eyeshadow brushes to apply blush to the eyes. Remember to use a firm eye shadow brush because it will be challenging to apply blush on the eyes with a blush brush.

Step 6: Take a few peach, warm undertones and apply them to the eye socket area. After this, your eye will look more defined and fresh than before.

Step 7: Now apply a thin eyeliner with the help of gel eyeliner. Use an angled eyeliner brush to apply thin eyeliner. If you want to create a little dramatic or party makeup look, then go for a winged eyeliner look.

Step 8: Take an eyelashes curler to curl your eyelashes and apply some mascara to make your eyes look wide and awake. Don't apply a lot of coats of mascara since it is a day look. Your simple yet beautiful eye makeup look is ready with the help of blush. 

Can You Use Blush as Lipstick?

Blush has a lot of uses, and using it on lips is one of them. Yes, you can use cream blush shades as a lip color. There is a wide range of colors in blushes that you can use as lipstick, like you can use a pink shade for a day makeup look. For dark skin tones, you can use orchid shades. Just apply some cream blush on your lips. And complete the look with lip liner.

🌟FAQ related to Using Blush As an Eye Shadow

Can I use blush on my eyelids?

Yes, you can use blush as an eyeshadow, and Rare Beauty's Soft Pinch Liquid Blush is another great example of a product that can be worn as eyeshadow, blush, or highlighter. The product is amazingly pigmented and blends seamlessly. You can apply it by itself or mix it with your favorite eyeshadow palette for an enhanced look.

Can you use blush as a concealer?

Yes, you can use blush as a concealer. It all depends on the kind of blush and how much you apply to your face.
Blending your blush to your undereye area can lead to tireless looking eyes. Especially if you opt for warm peach shades with a subtle glow and radiance, you may achieve this.

Can you use blush and bronzer as eyeshadow?

Yes, you can absolutely use blush and bronzer as eyeshadows! A bit of bronzer blended into the crease of your eyelid can give your eyes a darker and more defined look. The same goes for applying blush to your lids. You need to use a big fluffy brush and swirl it into the bronzer or blush, then dust the shade on the eyes. It gives your eyes a unique look that is super easy to achieve!

Can I use lipstick as eyeshadow?

Lipstick can be used as eyeshadow. Just apply the product to your lids using the tip of your finger. After that, you can set the product using translucent powder or dab on some highlighter or glitter to enhance the look—some lipsticks dry to a powdery finish, and some dry to a more creamy finish. If yours is creamy, you can pair it up with eyeshadow. If yours is powdery, you can pair it up with a highlighter.

What to use when you dont have eyeshadow?

1) You can use Aloe Vera Gel: It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe your eyes, and it works perfectly.
2) You can use Concealer: Go ahead and use concealer as an eyeshadow primer! It’s easy to blend and doesn’t crease your eyelids.
3) You can use Highlighter: If you don’t want a glittery eyeshadow, highlighter is a great alternative. Just sweep it underneath your eyebrows for that coveted highlight look.
4) Use White Eyeliner Pencil: White eyeliner pencil is the perfect subtle eyeshadow alternative. It looks both elegant and modern at the same time.
5) Use foundation and Powder: If you don’t have any unique powder eyeshadow formulations, foundation and powder are the next best! They will give you that finish that you need in mineral eyeshadow products.

Conclusion: Using Blush As an Eye Shadow

Blush can be used in so many ways. You can use it as an eye shadow, as a blush, or even as a highlighter. It's a versatile product that you can use for a lot of different looks. It's also very affordable, and you can find various kinds of blush in many different shades and textures. Try using blush in a different way, and you might find that it's the perfect product for creating many different looks. You can use cream formula or powder formula for blush to create the look because both are user-friendly. You can apply cream shadow with the help of a cheek highlighter brush

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