How to Fix Clumpy Lashes: 4 Steps You Need to Take

‍You know that moment when you take out your mascara and can already see clumps coming your way? Yep, those are the days when your lashes just won't cooperate. Clumpy lashes are annoying and frustrating, especially if they keep happening repeatedly. There are so many great mascaras out there that we want to use every day, but clumpy lashes repeatedly damage our enthusiasm. Thankfully, there is more than one way to fix clumpy lashes. If you're sick of walking around with spidery false lashes or just want a simpler solution for dealing with this irritating problem, read on to find out how to fix clumpy lashes effectively in no time at all.

Here are Some Steps to Fix Clumpy Lashes

Step 1: Dab Mascara with Drying Drops

Dab Mascara with Drying Drops

When you use a thin comb or lash brush, you risk clumping your lashes together due to the lack of space between the strands. This is why you need to use a bristly mascara brush instead. A bristle brush will help you separate your lashes as you apply the product, preventing the dreaded clumps. However, if you don't want to purchase a new brush, you can use a few drops of drying drops instead. This product will act as a sort of glue between your lashes, ensuring they stay separated as you apply the product.

The drying drops should contain a small amount of alcohol. This will help the product dry faster, which will also reduce the amount of time you need in order to fix clumpy lashes. Just remember to wait for the product to dry completely before you proceed with the rest of your makeup routine. You may notice that the brush will move less freely once the alcohol evaporates. However, applying a good amount of eyeliner or black eyeshadow on your upper lash line can help you comb through your lashes and separate them once the product dries.

Step 2: Use a Good Brush

Use a Good Brush

If clumps keep happening, try changing the brush you use to apply your mascara. This can be a simple solution to the problem if you've been using the same brush for years and it's time to replace it with a new one. The bristles of your mascara brush may have become worn out with time, causing them to stick together and pick up too much product. This can cause your lashes to become clumpy and heavy. So, if you switch your brush for a new one, you can also change how your lashes look without changing your normal application routine too much.

You may also want to consider changing the type of brush you use. Many makeup artists recommend choosing a brush with small bristles instead of a big, bulky head. This will help you apply the product more precisely and prevent you from applying too much mascara. Remember that you can always add more products if you feel like you missed a spot, but you can't take it away if you put too much on in the first place.

Step 3: Try a Lashing Serum or Mascara Base

Lashing Serum or Mascara Base

If you've tried everything above and still have clumpy lashes issues, it may be time to look at a more drastic solution. A lash serum or a mascara base can help you achieve thicker, more full lashes. They can also help you prevent clumping. However, you should be careful about the type of lash product you choose. Some lash serums contain harmful ingredients that can irritate your eyes or cause allergic reactions. If you think a lash serum or a mascara base may be right for you, make sure to read the ingredients to see if they're safe to use around your eyes. Also, don't forget to do a patch test to be sure they won't cause you any unwanted side effects.

Step 4: Add a Lightweight Finishing Spray

Add A Lightweight Finishing Spray

Finally, if you're almost ready to give up on your dream of having thick, beautiful lashes, try adding a lightweight finishing spray to your routine. This finishing spray can help “set” and “lock” your mascara in place, making it last longer. It can also help prevent your lashes from clumping and keep them nice and separated. When you add a finishing spray to your routine, wait a few seconds between your last brush stroke and when spraying the product on your lashes. You may also want to avoid spraying the product directly onto your lashes. Instead, you can mist it onto a makeup spoolie and use that to apply the product to your lashes.

How can I extend the life of my mascara?

Mascara likes to dry out, so there are some things you can do to extend the life of mascara. You just need a contact solution or saline solution for that. So take your mascara and add one drop of saline solution or contact solution in it and mix it well with a mascara wand and that's it. Your mascara is alive again. Now you can use your mascara a little longer. Another way to extend the life of your mascara is that you have to add hot water to your mascara. Just take 2-3 drops of hot water and add it to it and mix it well with the help of a mascara wand. It will soften the dry and flaky mascara

How to Build up Your Lashes?

After applying the first layer of mascara, apply the second layer as soon as possible. It will make your lashes look longer. Remember not to apply the second layer after the first one is already dried out because it will make you look disaster. Make sure to apply the second coat as quickly as possible while the first coat is still wet. After applying two to three coats of mascara, your lashes will look longer and fuller. This is how you should build up your lashes. 

How to Apply Mascara?

First, start off by rolling or wiggling the wand at the root of the lashes and make sure that most of the product is applied there. Then just drag it all the way up and repeat the same with the next coat of mascara. For perfection, just practice; it's going to be worth it. Don't wiggle the wand all the way through the length of your lashes because that will cause them to stick together. Just roll your hand through your eyelashes, perfect lashes and bold lashes.

Clumpy Lashes FAQ

How to fix clumpy mascara easily?

There are a few easy ways to fix clumpy lashes:
1. Use an eyelash comb to separate the lashes and remove clumps.
2. Use a clean mascara wand to brush through the lashes and lightly remove clumps.
3. Use a q-tip or cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to gently remove clumps.
4. If all else fails, try using a new mascara!

Why are my eyelashes bunched together?

There are a few reasons your eyelashes may appear to be bunched together. One reason could be that you have an excess of oil on your eyelashes, which can cause them to stick together. Another reason could be that you have a build-up of products on your lashes, such as mascara or eyeliner. Finally, it could be that your lashes are naturally curly or thick, which causes them to clump together. If you're concerned about eyelashes, consult a doctor or dermatologist to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

How can I Unclump my mascara?

Here are a few tips to unclump your mascara and make it last longer. 
1. Make sure to close the tube tightly after each use.
2. You can try running the tube under hot water for a few seconds before using it. This will help to loosen the mascara and make it easier to apply. 
3. You can try using a lash comb to separate the lashes and remove clumps.

What is a cluster lash?

A cluster lash is a false eyelash consisting of a cluster of individual lashes attached to a strip. They are typically made from synthetic fibers, such as nylon or polyester, and can be found in various colors, lengths, and thicknesses. Cluster lashes are usually applied with tweezers and glue and worn for special occasions or daily use.

Do lash extensions ruin your eyelashes?

No, lash extensions will not ruin your eyelashes. If applied correctly and cared for properly, lash extensions can improve the health of your natural lashes. However, if lash extensions are not applied correctly or cared for properly, they can cause damage to your natural lashes.

Conclusion: How to Fix Clumpy Lashes

Clumped lashes are a common problem, but they don't have to be something you have to deal with. The key is to find a solution that works for you so you can get your confidence back and feel better about yourself. Check your tools, try a new mascara, and maybe even a lash serum if you've tried everything else and are still having problems. Whatever you do, don't let clumpy lashes hold you back. Keep reading.

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