Freya Razor Review 2022: Best Shave Kit for Women (Worth It?)

We all know a razor is used to remove unwanted hair from the body. But little did we know that a razor can have a discreet detachable vibrator for self-pleasure. Yes, you read it right! Here comes a razor whose handle can be used as a vibrator. So if you are the type of person who has to hide sex toys from family, you can heave a sigh of relief as Freya razor will let your product go unnoticed!

Freya razor is a game-changing, unique, and discreet product comprising a premium safety razor system and vibrator, introduced by the very renowned women's wellness company, Freya.

In particular, this one is a razor that has a detachable vibrator as a handle. It comes in three colors Peachy, Breezy and Royal and there’s a tone for every woman, and every mood and with a simple turn you can quickly and safely go from shaving off a little hair to fulfilling bodily pleasures.

In-Depth Freya Razor Review

Freya is a female-led start-up with a heavily experienced team that puts the choice of self-love directly in our hands. Our vision is “to make owning a choice in self-love a daily experience for every woman.”

Freya’s innovative Razor & Vibrator helps you deal with the problems usually associated with traditionally shamed sexual wellness products. Freya aims to offer every woman the choice and liberty to have fun with their body whenever and wherever they wish to.

Buy Freya Razor – Vee Starter Kit

Freya dual-choice system razor & vibrator
This light-weight, the curvonomically-designed tool is perfect for helping you reach all those difficult-to-reach places – whether you're shaving or vibrating. It's weighted for shaving but still light enough for fun!

Freya Razor Specifications

  • Premium phthalate-free, body-safe, premium-grade soft silicone
  • Clip in-out has hidden power button for safety and discretion
  • 6 Unique vibration modes
  • Fully water-resistant to enjoy in the bath and shower
  • Ultra-hygienic and easy to clean
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 2 hours of continuous fun
  • Ergonomically designed for better surface area touch and stimulation

5 Sharp stainless steel safety blades with enough space in between for an intimate, smooth, and clog-free shave, with just the perfect amount of skin lubricating strip in the razor head.

The Shave – The Freya razor system includes a flexible razor head with 5 precision titanium safety blades and just the right amount of lubricating strip. You'll get those hard-to-reach places without nicks and stubble.

Product Availability – Freya Razor Review

The product is available on, the starter kit is priced at $49.99, and the 4-pack blade subscription starts at $9.99. You can easily choose shipment frequency, and you can also choose how often you want to shave. Currently, there is a 20% summer sale with the use of code SHAVEOFF20 for a limited period. All discounts, shipping & taxes are calculated at checkout.

With the starter kit, you get the razor-vibration combination vibrating handle, which comes in three colors and also with a wall-mounted hanger that you can attach to your shower wall, along with 2 refill razor cartridges and a USB charging cable.

Items in the Freya Razor Set

  • Freya's system razor & vibrator
  • Dual-use wall holder
  • Two razor blade cartridges
  • USB charging cable

Freya Razor Handle Color

Freya Razor Handle Colours
  • Royal
  • Peachy
  • Breezy

Reasons Why You Should Use Freya's Razor

Phatlete Free Freya razor head offers a superior, smooth shave that moisturizes without the unpleasant stickiness. 5 Sharp, precision, replaceable stainless steel safety blades cut hair from close without any cuts, redness, or razor burns. The device is very easy to clean. You just have to rinse the clog-free blades to remove hair. It's your choice of how frequently you want your replacement blades.

The removable head allows you time to indulge in self-play. Just twist and lift the shaved head, and you are ready with the vibrator in your hand!

The vibrator handle has an easy grip, is lightweight, and is ergonomically designed to help you reach all the places, whether you're shaving or vibrating. Weighing only about 2oz, it's perfect for weighted shaving while still light enough for masturbation. The handle is also curved just right for play. With the perfect shape and feel, it will definitely hit the spot.

30 Day Return policy gives you enough time to test the product. 6 Vibe Modes gives you an ample choice for different degrees of pleasure. You can opt for the lowest vibration mode or highest, depending on your mood and needs.

The Freya razor set is water resistant, which means you can have a good time playing with your body in the shower! Also, the top-grade silicone used is completely body-safe, and thus you don't have to worry about any potential side effects. Replaceable razor cartridges mean less waste than disposable razors–you are not only doing wonders to your skin but helping the environment as well.

Subscription Policy of Freya Razor

With the subscription, you can enjoy repeat deliveries which are based on the subscription duration and frequency that you select.

Also with respect to the payment details, all of them are secured and you will have to pay for each of these deliveries unless you choose to pay them in advance. Few subscriptions may auto-renew at the end of their duration and if you don't want to renew a subscription you can cancel it anytime.

Refund Policy of Freya Razor

The product comes with a 30-Day Return Policy, so you get 30 days after receiving your item in order to request a return.

And to be eligible for a return, you have to accept the terms and conditions which you have received, i.e., it should be unused, with tags and also in its original packaging. You also have to submit the receipt or proof of purchase. In order to initiate a refund, you can contact them at [email protected]. If your return is accepted, they’ll send you a return shipping label, along with the return instructions on how and where you have to send the package.

Do remember that the items which are sent back to them without notice will be rejected, and they will not be liable for a refund. And when your refund is approved, it will be automatically reflected in your original payment method. Also, remember that it can take a while for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund.

For any return queries, reach out to them at [email protected].

Damages and Issues

Please thoroughly check your order upon reception and contact them immediately if the item is defective or damaged or if you have received the wrong item so that they can evaluate the issue and solve your problem.

Freya Razor Customer Reviews

Freya Razor Customer Reviews

Let's read a few reviews posted on its website by verified users.

Awesome! I got mine in the mail, and as much as I wanted to be hesitant about it, I absolutely loved the shave and the other purposes it held. Happy with my decision to purchase.” Stated a happy user.

Someone remarked, “This is such a unique and one-of-a-kind product. I have been using the razor for some time now and love the smooth shave it provides. The vibrator is great and does not scream, “I'm a vibrator!” I hang it up on my shower wall, and no one has had questions. The colors are also so pretty. Honestly, I love my new toy!“.

Abigail posted on 24 Mar 2022, “Best razor ever! I love this razor! Great shave and an awesome handle. Great shape and a perfect level of vibration. Never going back to regular razors again!

Top FAQs related to Freya Razor

How to use Freya Razor?

In the Freya Razor, you have a single button that controls the on/off and also the vibration. And to turn it on, you have to press and hold the button for two seconds, and you will see a Red LED flash which is for the low setting. With another single press, you will have a medium setting, and the next press after that will deliver you the highest single vibration. Also, you get six different vibration modes, and you need to single press to cycle through them. In the sixth mode, you will get back to the lowest setting. To turn off Freya's handle, you have to press and hold the button down for two seconds, and the LED light will go out.

Do you get a refund policy with the Freya Razor?

As their products are intimacy products, they cannot accept returns. However, if you experience any issuers, you are requested to contact them via email, and they will help you out.

What is the lifespan of Freya's Razor?

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the Freya Razor. And the battery, as you know, starts to degrade and becomes less effective with usage. So if you use it weekly, we recommend you replace it every year. And if you do use it more frequently, we recommend you replace it sooner.

What is the Freya subscription?

So with the Freya Subscription, you can receive your replaceable Freya Razor cartridges at a consistent frequency. In this way, you can ensure that you always have fresh razor cartridges when you need them. Also, once you have subscribed, you will have complete control of your subscription. You can even charge the frequency you get them or even your next shipping date at any time.

How to contact Freya?

You can get in touch by emailing your questions at [email protected]

Conclusion: Freya Razor Review – Should you really buy it?

If you're the kind of person who likes a smooth aftershave and indulging in self-love, we recommend Freya: a razor with a handle that doubles as a sex toy. Discreet, versatile, and waterproof this razor-cum sex toy is fast becoming an obsession among people.

With Freya, you no longer have to use any variation of a vibrating household object as a sex toy. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, this dual-choice razor-vibrator perfectly follows the contours of your body to give you the most comfortable shave. And when you're done, that curve with six vibration modes will help you attain maximum bodily pleasure. With Freya's razor, shower sex just got a little more interesting!

8.8Expert Score
Freya Razor Review

The 5 precision, stainless steel safety blades provide a close, comfortable shave with no nicks or cuts. The blades are easy to clean – just rinse them with water to remove any hair. You can choose the frequency of your blade replacements depending on your shaving needs.

Value for Money
Easy to Use
  • The Freya razor set is water resistant.
  • The product allows you reach all the places easily
  • It is enough for your fun, whether shaving or vibrating.
  • It is easy to clean and lightweight, made in a curvonomically-designed form.
  • The Freya razor is a two-in-one product with a sex toy.
  • Expensive.
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