Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method 2022: Which One is Better?

Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method

What's the difference between the “curly girl method” and the “wavy hair method”? Today, We will check for comparison between two hair methods: Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method. We'll tell you why you should choose one over the other and what differences there are.

  • Recognize the Curly Girl Method (and how it varies)
  • Learn how to style your hair in a wavy style.
  • Learn the critical differences between “curly girl routines” and “wavy hair routines,” as well as how to apply them to your hair.
  • Learn how to apply this to YOUR waves in the most effective way possible.

Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method: Which is Better for Your Hair?

Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method

What is the Curly Hair Method?

The most challenging aspect of comparing the wavy hair method to the curly girl approach is that the CGM is a spectrum. The “rules” that everyone agrees on are:

  • Shampoos without sulfates or simply co-washing
  • Heat styling equipment (such as a straightener or curling iron) and blowouts of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • There are no chemical relaxers or straighteners used.

There is a LOT of debate beyond that.

According to Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Handbook, conditioners should not contain ANY alcohols or waxes.

Curly Girl Hair Method

Many others, on the other hand, are fine with particular types of alcohol. Try not to go into too much into substances because natural wavy hair can be enough of a learning curve. That may change in the future, but the bottom line is that there are many different kinds of alcohol.

Another suggestion in the Curly Girl Handbook is that we should only detangle our hair with our fingertips. But we'll get to that. The idea is that there isn't a one curly girl solution that works for everyone. That manual is over a decade old, and there are many new goods on the market today.

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What is the Wavy Hair Method?

These “rules” best resemble the “wavy hair approach,” but the differences below this list should help you get better results!

  • Co-washing and sulfate-free shampoos are the most effective options.
  • Heat consumption is kept to a minimum (best results if none)
  • Unless they are clarified, you should avoid sulfates.
  • If you must use silicones, utilize only water-soluble silicones and Amodimethicone. There are no chemical relaxers or straighteners used.
  • Even if you have thick, coarse waves, lightweight/weightless is your friend.

So, what's the difference between the two? It's not that easy.

Wavy Hair Method

Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method: What are the Differences?

1. Co-washing = Not always a good idea


Co-washing is popular in the curly community, but it's hit or miss for wavy hair. Co-washing may be the most excellent way to keep your hair hydrated, defined, and bouncy throughout the dry winter months. However, it can result in a limp, lifeless, weighed-down mop in hot, humid months. If you have fine or thin hair, you should avoid co-washing. It's worth a go if you have thick or coarse hair. Take note of the season! A “regular” conditioner works just as well.

2. Dry detangling of wavy hair is possible, and specific brushes are acceptable


Brushing wavy hair does not provide a significant risk of hair breaking. Waves of type 2c should proceed with caution, although waves of types 2a and 2b can brush their hair with ease. Some people prefer not to detangle their hair while it's dry, but I find that I end up with more snarled hair overall if I don't. Keep doing so if you like to detangle in the shower using only a conditioner or a detangler like KCKT!

It's all about finding out what works best for you. If you've never tried detangling your hair when it's dry, now is the moment. Also, don't brush your hair after you've to condition it. That may assist curly girls/people defining themselves, but it will obliterate your wave “clumps.”

3. Mousse should be the starting point

For hold and definition, the curly girl method primarily relies on the gel, but it's usually just too much for wavy hair, not only in terms of quantity but also weight. Many wavy friends wind up with weighed-down hair, gunky build-up, and over-cleansing their hair (even daily). Mousse, on the other hand, provides grip while being light. However, there is a balance between bouncy withhold and frizzy if the product lacks grip.

More wavy = lighter = bouncy!

4. Use Extreme Caution When Applying Styling Products

Raking will obliterate your wash day/style, particularly if you have 2a waves. Raking breaks up the “clumps” of locks (which you want!) and drags them down. Curly hair can bounce back, but wavy hair remains limp. To describe, apply the substance into your hands, then carefully grab a clump and move your product-covered fingers down from around 3-4 inches off your scalp down to the ends. Apply product to each clump of waves. If you apply the product too close to your roots, you'll get build-up and no volume.

5. Haircut on wet wavy hair

Haircut on wet wavy hair

Wavy hair does not always necessitate the services of a curl specialist. Many people have claimed to be made to feel uneasy while getting their curly hair cut. Some people had their hair turned away because it wasn't curled enough. Don't abandon your hairstylist just because you've decided to stop using silicones and sulfates. Explain your new hair goals to your stylist, and they should make the necessary adjustments. If you're looking for a new stylist anyway, seek someone with wavy hair which leaves it naturally wavy at least once in a while. When making an appointment, specify if you want someone with wavy or curly hair.

6. Wavy hair styles can vary a lot depending on the season

Curly hair now, without a doubt, has to contend with altering hair routines. However, there is a significant variance in wavy hair from season to season. You may need to use mousse and strong low-poos one month and deep condition frequently the next, or co-wash just with curl creams and mousse the next. Your holy grails may need to be stored for a few months. That is very typical. It is aggravating since when you think you've figured out your waves, they change! Things will start to fall into place when you've gone through a full year of seasons.

7. Wavy hair requires effort to achieve volume at the roots

Sadly, many wavies have to work hard to get volume at the roots, significantly if their wave pattern extends to the sources. Most of your curly buddies won't have to worry about it. Root trimming, diffusing, or providing volume to the roots can use a mix of the two. It could be as challenging and time-consuming as you want it to be, and I believe it is one of the most aggravating aspects of having wavy hair.

8. Use Sulfates Very Carefully

There's an entire piece about sulfates and wavy hair here, but the idea is that sulfates are necessary for some wavies to remove build-up. However, keep in mind that sulfates can quickly strip the hair of its natural oils. Depending on your hair type, the hardness of your shower water, the amount of product you use, the time of year, and other considerations, All wavy hair recommends clarifying once a month on average.

9. Some people use heating tools

People rotate between wearing their hair in its natural wavy state and utilizing heat appliances (such as a straightener or curling wand). The heat-related damage is undeniable. However, if it's a one-time occurrence, it won't be harmful. I even made a blog article on how bored I was with my waves. Let's face it: heat is harmful. We won't judge you if you do it occasionally. If you must, at the very least, use a heat protector that is silicone-free.

🌟 Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method FAQ

✅What is the curly girl method?

Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl Method is a hair care regimen designed for natural hair that is not chemically relaxed.

What is wavy girl method?

The wavy girl method is based on the idea that people with wavy hair should adapt the curly girl method to their hair type.

✅Does curly girl method work?

Once you figure out the products & routine that works for you, the results of following the Curly Girl Method are pretty fantastic.

✅How long does the curly girl method take?

Typically, the first curly girl method results can be expected almost immediately after beginning this routine.

✅How long does the wavy girl method take?

After six weeks, you should see really good results if you keep it up consistently.

Bottom Lines:

Wavy hair will always be something of a personal experience. While the information above should be helpful, it will likely take some time to find a routine that works for your hair and lifestyle. It's OK to take your time with your hair if you want a lot of volume and definition, but it's also OK to rush through it and go for a bit sloppy beachy appearance. Everyone's waves are unique! There will be days when you think your hair is a disaster and some random stranger compliments you. It's worthwhile to keep going!

Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method 2022: Which One is Better?
Curly Girl Vs. Wavy Girl Method 2022: Which One is Better?
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