Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide 2022

Cat eye makeup has been one of the most popular types of makeup looks among women, not just in the 1920s when the feline flick was first introduced but also up until this new millennium. Cat eye makeup is a tricky look to the master, as it requires you to have steady hands and experience with specific techniques. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced or beginner cat eye maker; we all feel like a beginner sometimes, and that’s perfectly okay! This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about mastering this look. Here is a step-by-step guide on Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial for Beginners.

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How to achieve the Classic Cat Eye look

How to Achieve the Classic Cat Eye Look
  • The first step to creating the perfect cat eye is using a primer. Primers can help keep your makeup in place, especially when layering multiple products.
  • Next, use a pencil to draw your desired shape. You’ll want to extend the line past your eye and into the temple of your face.
  • Next, you’ll want to connect the ends of your line to create the “wings” of your cat-eye. You don’t have to use a pencil to create the cat-eye look; there are other products that you can use.
  • Lastly, fill in line with an eye shadow one or two shades darker than your skin tone.
  • You can also use liquid eyeliner, but you may have difficulties reviewing the pencil line you created earlier.

Step-by-step instructions

Classic Cat Eye makeup
  • Start with your eye makeup. Make sure that your eye shadow and liner are the same color and that your eyeshadow is applied smoothly.
  • Apply eyeliner to your upper lid. This can be done with a pencil, liquid or gel formula. Make sure to extend it past your lash line, so it creates a “wing” on each side.
  • Next, apply mascara. You can apply multiple coats to define your lashes.
  • Use a shimmery eye shadow with a warm tone to make your eyeliner pop.
  • Finish your look with a black lip liner.
  • You can apply false lashes to make your cat-eye more dramatic.

Variations of the Classic Cat Eye

  • The pin-up cat-eye – A slightly more theatrical version of the classic cat-eye. This cat-eye is larger, extends further past the eye, and is darker in color than the classic cat-eye.
  • The fishnet cat-eye – A fishnet cat-eye is similar to the pin-up cat-eye. However, it is smaller, extends past the eyelash, and uses a lighter color like white or grey.
  • The kitty eye – A kitty eye has a wing but doesn’t extend to the temple.
  • The Monroe cat-eye – Monroe cat-eye isn’t a variation of the cat-eye; it combines the cat eye and the French look.
  • The jimmy choo cat-eye – This cat eye is similar to the classic cat eye, except the wing is thinner and doesn’t extend past the eye.

More advanced techniques for the perfect Cat Eye

Perfect Cat Eye Makeup
  • Create a base with a color two to three shades darker than your skin tone. You can also use a color that matches your eye shadow as a base.
  • Blend two different colored eye shadows to create a gradient effect.
  • Use a highlighting eye shadow or a white eyeliner underneath your lower lash line.
  • Use a shimmery eye shadow on your lower lash line.
  • Apply a darker color along the upper lash line to make your eyes appear larger.
  • Highlight your brow bone with a light eye shadow color.

🌟FAQ related to Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

How to do a cat eye makeup?

A cat eye is very dramatic and extremely flattering on any eye shape. To create this look:
1. Start by using an eye primer to create a base for your eye shadow to stick to.
2. Choose a shadow color that works well with your eye color and contour your eye by using an eye shadow brush. You can also use an eyeshadow primer in this step if you'd like.
3. From here, make a line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. This will even out the top of your eye and make it easier to place your eyeliner.
4. Place your eyeliner in the corner of your eye and slowly pull it toward the outer corner. You'll have both eyes lined up evenly at this point, and you can continue with eyeliner on the bottom lash line if you'd like.

Which is better: liquid or pencil eyeliner?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you're looking for a long-lasting look, liquid eyeliners stay in place for longer than pencil liners. However, pencil liners are the better choice if you're looking for something that's easy to apply and blend. As far as waterproofness goes, liquid eyeliners are more waterproof than pencil liners.

Does cat eyeliner make your eyes look smaller?

The short answer is yes, it does. Liquid eyeliner can give a harsh, closed look to your eyes, making them appear smaller. However, if you choose the shape and thickness of your eyeliner carefully, you can avoid this problem. A thin eyeliner with a rounded tip is less likely to make your eyes appear smaller than a thick, angular eyeliner. Ensure the line is thick enough to be noticeable but not so bold as to overpower your eyes.

Is eyeliner bad for your eyes?

Eyeliner is not bad for your eyes. Eyeliner may enter the eyes and irritate you if you have sensitive or dry eyes. According to Experts, eyeliner can cause problems for people who wear contacts by either scratching or rubbing the line into the contact lens, which can irritate the eye and cause vision problems. It's advisable to apply eyeliner before or after wearing a contact lens if you wear it.

Is a cat eye the same as winged eyeliner?

No, cat eyes are more dramatic and exaggerated than winged eyeliner. They tend to be wider and more open, and the line is thick so that it can create the perfect triangle shape. Winged eyeliner is a straight line that goes across the top lid. It's also common for people to add a flick on the end of this shape, but wings can be added to any eye makeup shape (for instance, you can have a cat eye with wings).


Remember that you don’t need to wear cat eye makeup all the time. You can wear this look for special occasions or switch up your look with other types of makeup. Cat-eye makeup is perfect for evening events or when you’re dressing up for a night out. When first learning how to do a cat eye, you may want to practice using your eyeliner before applying your eyeshadow. You’ll be able to see your handwork much better this way, as it will be easier to see where you need to add or remove the product. You can also try out a waterline liner when practicing your cat-eye look. The cat-eye is a classic look that has been around for decades. While it may seem like a problematic makeup look to the master, it can be done with the right tools and practice.

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