5 Best Korean Cushion Foundations 2022: Must Read Before Buying!!

Foundations provide a long-lasting yet rich glow for looking glamorous on a special occasion. They are the go-to products when we think of outshining in an event. Some people like to apply foundations with other beauty products. On the other hand, some people prefer light makeup. If you are a fan of minimal makeup, you must have come across the best Korean cushion foundations. Of course, Korean beauty and skincare are the sought-after things in the industry.

The Korean cushion foundations provide a radiant glow and a good beauty regime. Of course, as the name suggests, it contains the cushion and continues the BB cream trend. You might be confused due to numerous brands if you want the best Korean cushion foundation for your skincare regime. We are here to narrow your search with the 5 Best Korean Cushion Foundations to eradicate all sorts of doubts and dilemmas. 

5 Best Korean Cushion Foundations

1. AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

The buildable light to medium coverage with the cushion foundation is an appealing feature. In addition, it has antioxidant protection and protects against harmful UVB and UVA rays. Interestingly, it delivers the hydration of a tinted moisturizer. The best part is that many customers already love this product. You can even select the shade you want. It has a revolutionary formula that provides one refill for easy replenishment. You can purchase it using the one-time purchase option or avail yourself of the subscription. Moreover, the cushion foundation provides multiple features for the skincare regime.

AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

as of October 3, 2022 1:46 am

2. Catkin BB Cream Air Cushion Foundation

It has moisturizing and repairing agents that facilitate the skin. It helps cover the aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful look without smudge. Additionally, it helps buildup the medium coverage foundation and smoothens pores and imperfections to provide a luminous look. The best thing is that you get different colors to choose from. It is the beautiful amalgamation of classic elegance and modern color. You can also choose from different models and get different benefits.

CATKIN BB Cream Air Cushion Foundation

as of October 3, 2022 1:46 am

3. Dr. Althea Aurora Cover Cushion

It is a high coverage foundation with intensive moisture. It has a long-lasting formula and helps moisturize the skin. The formula is good for summer and those with oily or combination skin. You can choose from colors like fair light, pink, and medium. Interestingly, the product comprises 60% essence that soothes and moisturizes the skin. Moreover, it is held in a unique Mochi-cushion that prevents moisture evaporation. You need only to open the case and press the applicator gently into the foundation cushion. Afterward, you can tap the applicator onto the skin, which helps deliver the foundation for a rich glow. 

Dr. Althea Aurora Cover Cushion

as of October 3, 2022 1:46 am

4. Missha Magic Cushion Cover Lasting No.21

It has a soft and easy sponge to help you apply. It does not wear out while in use to help you always like the new one. You get a fresh and light cushion to apply the product evenly throughout the face. You also get an increased, long-lasting effect with a clear finish. It gives a smooth skin texture even with a small amount. Once you tap lightly on your face, it provides a smooth texture with the smart sponge. You will not feel dryness with the product's fresh sense of hydration. Thus, you can use it if you want a cushion with strong coverage. 

Missha Magic Cushion Cover Lasting No.21

as of October 3, 2022 1:46 am

5. Laneige Neo Cushion Matte

It is the full coverage cushion with a flawless complexion for a day with a single touch. It is a high-fit cushion and has many positive reviews. It provides a natural skin-like matte fit. The best thing is that it is touch-up free. Another thing is that it is free of caking from oil and sweat. Hence, it provides sweat-proof coverage to provide a gorgeous look. You get a micro-cutting puff for better adherence. The slits on the puff's surface help absorb and discharge its high coverage formula. Hence, it ensures an adequate foundation to be evenly and uniformly applied to the skin.

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte

With a flawless complexion
This Laneige Neo cushion provides full coverage for a flawless complexion that lasts 24 hours with just a single touch.

Who should use the Cushion Foundation?

Those who want a bright glow on their skin and are fans of Korean beauty can avail themselves of the cushion foundation. However, knowing the perfect shade and top-quality product is substantial. One should know the perfect amount of product to be applied to the puff. Before using the foundation, people must know about their skin allergies and other problems. They should assess the ingredients of the foundation carefully. Many cushion foundations come for dry, normal, oily, and combination skin. So, people have multiple options in choosing a cushion foundation. 

Things to follow when applying the Cushion Foundation

Not every one of us is a pro in cushion foundations; hence knowing its basics is essential. You must know the right foundation to apply to the puff per your requirements. Also, the important point to emphasize is the puff's cleanliness. One must touch the skin gently to avoid the marks. You can also decide the motions while applying the cushion foundation. Some makeup artists also use their fingers to enhance the process. Likewise, you can also use them while applying the cushion foundation at home.

Cushion foundations should be from a top brand with a credible background and history. One should use the proper cosmetics and skin care products when using the cushion foundation. Before experimenting with any other skincare products along with a cushion foundation, it is necessary to seek an expert's advice. How long the product works differs from brand to brand. Depending on the requirements, one can choose a cushion foundation. 

Things to consider when buying a Cushion Foundation

Skin Type: Undoubtedly, everyone's skin is different; hence one needs to take due care about it. The ingredients of a cushion foundation should be gentle enough to suit sensitive skin. In addition, people must ensure no allergies to the ingredients, especially when having sensitive skin. The best-case scenario is to consult a doctor or beautician before trying a new product.

Ease of Use: Every product has a different way out. It is a plus point if you get an applicator with a cushion foundation. Additionally, check for the instruction manual and the ease of use when buying a cushion foundation. You must ensure the product should not have a caky appearance and blends with the skin.

Additional Benefits: Some cushion foundations also provide sun protection. Hence, it is an added advantage to them. Which product you buy is a personal preference. Hence, you must know your requirements before buying a cushion foundation. Also, you can check the price, warranty, subscription options, and money-back guarantee to achieve complete benefits from the product. 

🌟 FAQ related to Korean Cushion Foundations

✅How long will a Korean Cushion Foundation last?

The best cushion foundations vary from brand to brand, but they all share some common characteristics:
1. They usually have SPF included in the formulation, which is always a plus.
2. They are easy to use and apply.
3. They are lightweight but provide a lot of coverage.
4. They give the skin a healthy-looking glow and a dewy finish.
5. They are long-lasting and have great staying power.

✅What should I apply before Cushion Foundation?

Before applying Cushion Foundation, apply lightweight moisturizer or a primer to keep your skin hydrated.

✅What are the benefits of using Cushion Foundation?

A Cushion Foundation helps to look more natural. Cushion foundation contains air, which helps it look fresh, lightweight and breathable. Cushion foundation creates a flawless complexion by hydrating from within. The formula is buildable and provides good coverage for blemishes, but you may need to apply a bit of concealer in those areas for best results after applying the cushion.

✅How do you select a Cushion Compact Foundation?

The best way to choose a compact cushion foundation is by first looking at its coverage, finish, and longevity. Then, find one that matches your skin type (oily, dry, combination). You may want to set it with a mattifying powder if you have oily skin. I suggest reviewing this blog post for more information on choosing the best cushion compact for your skin type.

✅Does Cushion Foundation clog pores?

The cushion has a light color correction and an airy texture that does not clog pores. Cushions don’t have as deep a cover as foundations have; thus, if you need to cover acne scars or irritation, it is better to use foundation. This type of Cushion Foundation does a great job of hiding textures without clogging your pores.

✅What makes Cushion Foundation different?

Typically, liquid foundations come in tubes. They can be applied with a cushion sponge designed to absorb the foundation formula easily. The formula for Cushion Foundations is often more watery than other types of liquid foundation, making it easier to apply evenly.

Best Korean Cushion Foundations: Which one is the best?

The 5 Best Korean cushion foundations in this list have different benefits and provide a rich glow to your skin. They have well-researched formulas and provide a rich finish to your makeup. Anyone who is a Korean beauty fan and wants a rich glow with a foundation can purchase the Korean cushion foundations. If you want to try these products, you can consult your beautician. Of course, one must know the proper technique of applying the right amount of cushion foundations to get the expected benefits. We hope our 5 Best Korean cushion foundations helped you ascertain the right choice for perfect makeup.

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